Branding, Annual Report


Sarcan Recycling offers a province-wide network for recycling beverage containers in Saskatchewan. In more recent years they have expanded into recycling paint and electronics as well. Sarcan is well-known and cherished, in Saskatchewa, for its involvement in communities spanning each corner of the province.

Mission: Environmental Protection - Employment Creation - Economic Development.


The current branding is out-dated and comes off a little too hard for this people-oriented non-profit. The objectives were to give the organization the appropriate feel while keeping them relevant and fresh in the minds of consumers. This new design is clean and modern. Visuals are geometric to maintain a simple, elegant look. The new identity modernizes the recycle symbol with a clean, open circular shape. The colour palette is medium to light tints of blue to give a calming feel of trust and a sense of security. Sarcan keeps the environment clean and thus this new branding is open and clean.