Branding, Advertising, Map Design, Web Design


The Greater Vancouver Zoo offers residents the chance to visit animals from around the world. Located in Aldergrove, BC, its an entertaining outing for families and those seeking a fun day in the area. Currently, objectives of the GV Zoo include conservation and building its educational programs. According to their website, the mission of the GV Zoo is to engage visitors in recreational, educational and conservation-oriented activities about animals and the zoo environment, to promote respect for and connectedness with the natural world.


The current state of the Zoo's identity and brand collateral were analyzed first-hand both at their location and online. This collateral is severely lacking in a strong sense of visual identity and appeal. The rebrand refreshes and revives the marketing and promotional materials through fun and engaging visuals. The new logo is fun and memorable. Strong and consistent layouts were developed for the website, map and signage. Appealing graphics and photography are implemented across the new medias, contributing to a stronger visual identity.