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TWO BIRDS provides two different services to its clients in the same time period. These tasks include the combination of automotive repair & quick lube services with the relaxation and pampering of nail treatment amenities. TWO BIRDS is for women with a busy schedule or simply women whose time is too valuable to be spent waiting.

TWO BIRDS' experienced automotive technicians diligently care for the client's automotive while they are escorted into the TWO BIRDS swanky nail lounge to experience the ultimate in nail care and beautification. The client may rest assured that their vehicle is well looked after while they sit back and enjoy their time at TWO BIRDS.


TWO BIRDS requires a visual identity that encapsulates the experience it will offer. The challenge is to develop, from scratch, the corporate identity of a unique business that is a brand new concept and brand new service offering. The visuals need to connect to the target and draw them to this new brand.

The logomark is a depiction of a gem stone. This is based off the idiom from which the business name is derived, "Two birds one stone."