the exchange

The Exchange by WESK is a springboard for female entrepreneurs to add value to their business through access to experts and a supportive network of advisors. This unapologetic and successful members-only program needed an identity that was modern, strong and influential. The logotype is cool and sophisticated with a point of emphasis on the "X" to draw interest and symbolize the connection for participants. As they say, X marks the spot.

  • ClientWESK
  • AgencyRock & Bloom
  • IndustryEntrepreneurship
  • ServicesDesign, Branding, Print
brochure image
brochure image
brochure image
Brand idenity design to capture a collaborative peer network motivating to level-up.

This design direction inspires confidence and empowerment while being approachable and friendly. The colour palette is quintessential WESK branded teal and orange with a rich black text base for strength factor. Large amounts of white space are also crucial to the contemporary vibes.